Is Online Poker Rigged? – Know The Real Facts & Truth

Is Online Poker Rigged? – Know The Real Facts & Truth

If you have ever played online poker, you have probably been on the receiving end of some major bad beats, and maybe you asked yourself if online poker was actually rigged.

After all,
how many times can someone lose with aces or a set if the game isn’t rigged,

The actual
answer to that question is quite simple, as poker is a highly volatile game and
there’s no telling what can happen on the turn of the next card.

Live poker
players can testify that some crazy situations happen in live poker as well,
but with fewer hands played per hour, the swings simply don’t seem as bad.

If you are
still wondering if online poker is rigged, the shortest possible answer I can
give you is no, online poker is not rigged, and there are quite a few arguments
to support my statement.

explain why and how online poker isn’t rigged and even some of the ways you can
check if the game is rigged yourself.

7 Reasons That Prove Online Poker Isn’t Rigged

Before we get started, it’s important to note that I have nothing to gain by claiming online poker is not rigged.

In fact, if it was rigged, I would be the first to try and expose it.

after carefully examining all the data and playing the game for years, I can confidently
say that online poker, when played at licensed and regulated sites, is
absolutely not rigged.

Here’s why.

1. Poker Sites Are Vetted

If you are
playing on a major online poker platform such as PokerStars, GGPoker, or Partypoker,
you need to understand that these sites don’t get to operate any way they want.

Each of these platforms is licensed by regulators such as the MGA, the UKGC, and others and must comply in full with the terms of the license to obtain and keep one.

The terms
of these licenses clearly state that the operator must provide a fair playing
environment for all players, meaning the games can’t be rigged.

To ensure
this is the case, the regulators will test all the software being used by the
operator before they launch and during the licensing period.

go out of their way to pay for extra audits from third parties and post their
seals of approval on their websites, all designed to ensure that players are as
comfortable playing as possible.

out our comparison reviews of the some of the major poker rooms:

2. Cards Are Produced by RNGs

Each major
online poker room uses one of the big random number generators (RNGs) provided
by just a few companies out there.

platforms use the RNG software to produce cards, starting with the initial hole
cards you receive and all the way to the last card that hits the river.

Even if it
may sometimes seem like you “knew” a card was going to come, this is
not really true, and you were just hoping that it would or wouldn’t come.

The real
truth is that every card you see at PokerStars or any other major poker site is
as close to random as possible, given the technology we have at our disposal.

What I mean
by this is that RNGs are not truly random but rather shuffle through billions
of numbers before stopping on one to produce a card.

3. Players Can Track Hands

If you
still don’t believe me that online poker isn’t rigged, I would highly recommend
checking for yourself.

Using poker
tracking software such as Poker Tracker or Hold’em, Manager, you can save all
your hands in a database and filter them in different ways.

Poker TrackerImage: Poker Tracker

After you have played a significant number of hands, things will start becoming clear.

Think you’re
losing with aces? Check your database and you’ll see that you are, in fact, a
big winner with aces.

any player’s database will clearly show that their biggest winning hand is AA,
their second biggest is KK, etc.

You can
also check for things such as how frequently the flush hits, how often you lose
with a set, etc.

If you
check your stats after playing thousands of hands of poker, you’ll see that
every stat matches the theoretically expected number.

Some people
still try to find reasons why that’s not enough, but extensive hand analyses
from experts have shown that there is nothing dodgy happening with any big
online poker site.

4. Poker Sites Have Too Much To Lose

Poker sites
are designed around getting people to come in and play as much poker as
possible. If word got out their platform was rigged, they would lose it all.

Since the
big sites are making millions in rake, they would hardly risk losing such a
business just to rig poker hands to make their rake a little higher or give
some players an edge.

If you
compare what each poker site has to lose to what they have to gain by rigging
games, you will quickly realize that it makes no sense for online poker games
to be rigged.

5. Winning Players Are Living Proof

If you
don’t trust your hand histories or don’t have enough hands to analyze, and you
don’t trust the gaming regulators, then simply take a look at some of the big
winners in online poker.

Hundreds of
well-known poker players are consistently winning at online poker and have been
doing so for many years.

If you take
a look at their results and even some of their hand history databases, you’ll
see that there is no question about the fairness of online poker games.

6. The Operators Charge Rake

Every online poker site charges rake from their players, which brings in millions of dollars every day.

Since rake
is charged from every game and every tournament, they absolutely do not need to
rig the games in any way.

The main
argument is that online poker is rigged to produce action. This is actually unnecessary
since there is enough action in poker as it is.

In fact, it
is more beneficial for operators when games keep running and no one loses too
much money as they would in a highly rigged game of poker.

7. It Doesn’t Matter Who Wins

For online
poker operators, it’s not important who the big winners are or if there are any
big winners at all.

The most
important thing is that the money keeps circulating and that everyone comes
back to play, which they wouldn’t achieve by making games unfair or rigged.

Since the
operators don’t care who wins or loses, it’s hard to imagine how some players
are consistent winners while others are consistent losers if the games were

The real
truth is that the games aren’t rigged, and the best players always come out on
top in the long run, while bad players end up spreading their money around.

If you think online poker is rigged because you see so many bad beats dealt out all the time, you should think about the number of hands you play online versus live poker.

tend to multi-table online poker and play hundreds of hands per hour. This is
compared to only a few dozen hands played at a live poker table.

This means
that it’s only logical for there to be as many as 10 times more big hands and
bad beats in an hour of online play as you would see in an hour of live play.

If you
think about it, most poker hands come down to 70/30 or 60/40 situations, and it’s
not that hard to lose quite a few of those in a row.

What’s more,
we tend to only remember the beats and forget about our wins quite fast, which
makes the games look even more rigged.

It all
comes down to how many hands you play and how fast you go through them, as this
is the one factor that impacts how many bad beats you suffer and how many crazy
hands you will see most.

So, Is Online Poker Rigged?

No! Online poker is definitely not rigged and there is no evidence to support otherwise.

poker is regulated and the software used to produce cards at major sites is
100% random. Hundreds of winning players are living proof of the games being
fair and not rigged.

If you still think online poker is rigged, I recommend working on your game and improving how you play.

This will lead to better results and fewer beats in the future, guaranteed!

Author: Glen Ferguson